5 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Love Reading

Parent with son and book. Encourage your child to love reading.

Helping your child enjoy reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Reading skills are critical in childhood development, and with technology, sadly many of today’s kids don’t care about reading. Getting your kids to love reading, or to read at all, can be a challenge, but with quality books and a few tips, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Since kids read a lot in school, some tend to associate books with work. Since reading isn’t a pleasure for them, they quickly lose their desire to read. By making reading a fun activity you do at home; your children can also associate books as a positive in their lives.

5 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Love Reading:

 1. Read out loud to your kids

One of the most effective ways to encourage your kids to love books is to read aloud to them. The earlier you start the better, even   a baby can see pictures, listen to your voice, and turn pages. Make this time together special and fun. This benefits you too, as it offers a calm moment of the day where you can spend time with your child and sit down for a while. Reading out loud will also enhance their vocabulary,  as many picture books have rich language and more sophisticated words. Even after your child begins to learn to read, continue reading aloud to them. Keep things happy and light and read together as long as you are both enjoying it.

2. Select Quality Reading Material

Have quality-reading material in your home for your children to view as they please. Keep newspapers, magazines, and books around. Remember the library is stocked with free books, check out a few different ones every few weeks and keep those in your kid’s room. That brings me to our next tip…

3.Visit the Library

Your neighborhood library should be a haven for you and the kids to explore. The children’s librarian is trained to help you locate books and can help you find the perfect ones for reading out loud, ones that fit your children’s ages, and topics they are interested in. Look through any books at your library until you find ones that appeal to you and your kids. Some libraries even have contests that kids can participate in, especially during the summer. They encourage kids to read a certain amount of books and collect prizes. Get your child a library card and you open up a whole new world of books and learning.

 4. Be a role model

Let your children see you enjoying books and magazines. Don’t reserve reading time for only when they have gone to bed, read in the living room while they are playing so they can see. It’s important for boys to see other males reading as well, as boys sometimes associate reading as a ‘girl’ activity.

5. Talk about it

There is more to books and reading than the actual words. When you put the book down, keep the conversation going. Talk about the characters and their actions. Ask about their favorite and least favorite part of the book. Also talk to your child about books you have read and book topics they might enjoy. If your child loves a certain series or author, have them write a letter to the author. If your child is already really into reading, encourage this more by having them join a book club.

Helping your child to love reading should be a fun, bonding activity. We hope these 5 tips will make it easy for you to encourage your children to read.

What are your tips to encourage kids to read?

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