Take a Journey with a Group of Butterfly Friends!

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Written by author Jodi F. Mays, The Day We Rode The Rainbow is the first entry of The Book Series With a Purpose, a collection of children's stories that are designed to be an educational, interactive, and fun reading experience that will spark any child’s imagination, while also teaching important lessons of self-esteem and tolerance.

The Day We Rode The Rainbow
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  • Enjoy a fun and colorful hardcover book that follows 7 butterfly friends - including Basil, one who was different from the rest - as they learn and play.
  • This interactive story teaches valuable lessons of love, tolerance, kindness and self acceptance, immersing your child in a whimsical world bursting with vibrant colors.
  • The Day We Rode The Rainbow contains 22 full color, hand-drawn illustrations to spark a child's imagination.
  • Includes a coloring sheet, holographic foil imagery, and 3D, glittery stickers for creativity boosting interactive play.
  • Personalize or dedicate your copy with a message from the author to your child - at no additional charge!
  • In tandem with the discussion questions on the site, the book offers parents and educators rich educational opportunities for every reading level.
  • Find additional arts, crafts, and educational opportunities on our website to teach your children valuable science, art, and life skills.

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Amazon Customer Review

I love the message of acceptance and understanding!
By Elizabeth Oeltjen

"This book really sparked my daughter's imagination. She loves the bright colors, rainbow imagery and of course the butterflies. I love the message of acceptance and understanding. It has inspired multiple art projects and lively discussions. What a lovely book."