The Day We Rode The Rainbow

The Day We Rode the Rainbow interactive books for kids

The Day We Rode the Rainbow is the first children’s book of an interactive and fun series of interactive books for kids called The Book Series with a Purpose. Step into this beautifully illustrated story, introducing a world of imagination and immerse yourself into a day of play with a group of butterfly friends—and one who was different. Experience a small world come alive through rich, happy colors, whimsical illustrations, 3-D glittery stickers and touchy-feely elements as well as holographic foils. A Color-Me-Page as well as some age-appropriate Discussion Suggestions for parents and teachers are included and are also free on our website.

Enjoy The Day We Rode the Rainbow for $18.99!*

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re excited to announce our holiday special for The Day We Rode the Rainbow.

The original retail price of $24.95 for The Day We Rode the Rainbow is discounted and available for $18.99 while supplies last! Enjoy an interactive, fun story about finding friendship, self-acceptance and tolerance as the friends strive to “ride the magic rainbow.” They attempt to fulfill their dreams and they learn some surprising new things about themselves. Come and let this magical group of butterfly buddies entertain you while they explore their small world and inspire those who are seeking fulfillment in the rainbow of life.

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The Day The Lake Disappeared

The Day the Lake Disappeared interactive books for kids
Watch for the second book in the series called The Day the Lake Disappeared. Enjoy this interactive, fun story with the same enchanting group of butterfly friends, whimsical illustrations, holographic foils, 3-D glittery stickers and touchy-feely elements. A Color-Me-Page, more Discussion Suggestions as well as a brand new MyPal Pedia Page and some Find-it Fun make this book truly interactive. The butterflies ride the magical rainbow again and are catapulted into a far-away country, where they not only experience new customs but come face-to-face with an annoying bully. After learning about self-acceptance, tolerance and welcoming others’ differences in the first book of the series, you will read now how they conquer their fears and overcome another challenge. They form a secret S.T.A.R Club. The Club’s Anti-bullying Code of Conduct is a 4-Step Bullying Prevention Approach. This simple, yet effective outlook is approved by professional youth counselors and child therapists.

General Testimonial

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Educators and child psychologists have approved this fun and creative, interactive adventure for an entertaining way to introduce tolerance, kindness, self-acceptance, social skills as well as 21st century learning skills without young readers even noticing.


A portion of the proceeds from this book will go towards F-U-N. “Foster Understanding Now” is a program for children around the globe to support the love of reading and promote tolerance, self-acceptance and life skills.  
Books will be donated to various organizations such as St. Jude’s Research Hospital. Do you have other programs you would like to suggest, please email me at If you buy 10 books, book # 11 will be donated to a Children’s Hospital or Charity of your choice. Contact us for special pricing.

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