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“I was searching for a children’s book for a gift and happened to come across this book. It looked like fun with a good message so I ordered it. It was a real treat. The book had bright and colorful illustrations with different colors of shiny foil, a rainbow bookmark, 3-D pieces and stickers to stick into the book. There was also a page for them to color and some discussion questions. My younger child really enjoyed exploring the illustration on the pages. It’s a book that grows with your child. We took it with us on our plane trip and it kept us busy for the longest time. It was a fun story with a valuable message.” W.F.

“I very much enjoyed the story and the whimsical illustrations. The book is very unique with its rainbow bookmark, foil printing, coloring page, and stickers. What fun for a child!! I can tell the project was a labor of love and your spirit and that of your illustrator glows through each page. Very charming.” Children’s Librarian

“This is a wonderful story for children of all ages. The story allows children to explore their own feelings of being different and how important it is to just be yourself. Everyone is unique and acceptance of one another’s differences is so important. Great story to read! My children loved it.” Tammi-School Counselor


“Treasure of a book with engrossing, whimsical illustrations, great life messages and descriptive prose … enchanting, magical page-size illustrations … diverse and colorful characters in this story lend themselves ideally for a perfect read-aloud during story time and/or to act out in a class performance … to include every child—Butterflies, Dancing Flowers, The Whirling Wind, and many more”
—Educator Edith Paulsen

“Appealing, descriptive narrative with delightful, bright, and cheerful illustrations—this enchanting story is a valid reason for parents and children to lay down the electronic gadgets and enjoy a fun bedtime story together . . . appeals to a wide range of young readers. Rich illustrations and a magical tale of seven good-hearted rascals provide ample material for an interactive parent-child discussion about values and social skills that should not be forgotten.”
—Prof. Marcus Tobishek

“Children can identify with each of the characters, whether reading the book under supervision, or on their own—and cull confidence from the fact that others share their feelings, fears, and foibles in a fun and playful way.”
-Dr. D. Covi