After working intensively with experts on an international educational project to introduce 21st century skills for children, we decided to incorporate some of the necessary life tools in a new book series for children. We tried to thread important values throughout the text while keeping the storyline light and fun.

Some of America’s popular TV hosts influence their audiences positively by spreading good messages in an entertaining way. One favorite celebrity promotes ‘Be Kind to One Another,’ ‘Be OK with Who You are,’ ‘ Stand-up for What You Believe,’ ‘Address Tolerance and Adversity,’ just to name a few. She asked her viewers to show examples of how she, her guests, her show and these themes influenced their lives.

Well, here you have our contribution!


An excerpt from one reader’s review:

… “I can tell the project was a labor of love and your spirit and that of the illustrator glows on every page. Very charming…”

‘Author Jodi F. Mays’
is a free-lance writer. She divides her bi-coastal living between Malibu, CA and Longboat Key, FL. She moved with her family to Innsbruck, Austria with 5 English-German dictionaries and 15 duffle bags at a young age and still resides there at times throughout the year. She has one son with whom she traveled the world while he competed in International Junior Tennis Tournaments. She uses her colorful adventures as a modern-day gypsy as inspiration for her writing. THE DAY WE RODE THE RAINBOW is the first book of an interactive and fun series called ‘The Book Series with a Purpose.’ Jodi has also worked on educational projects addressing 21st century challenges for young children with creative solutions which she incorporates in her storylines. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Watch for the second book in the series called THE DAY THE LAKE DISAPPEARED, which is another fun, interactive story introducing the S.T.A.R Club Anti-bullying Code of Conduct which, is a 4-Step Bullying Prevention Approach approved by professional youth counselors and child therapists.

‘Illustrator Mary Jane Reinhardt’

is a free-lance writer, newspaper columnist and Illustrator. After her family was enriched with three sets of twins, she wrote a self-help book called HELP TWINS, a book for multiple-birth families. Her creative illustrations have embellished story books by enhancing the mood and fantasy of young readers. Mary Jane uses rich, happy colors and makes worlds come alive through her imaginative and enchanting approach. She and her four young children embarked on a one-year adventure to learn a language, a different culture and skiing in Innsbruck, Austria. The one year turned into 3 decades and she still lives there with her husband today.

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