How to Foster Creativity in Your Kids

shutterstock_109715168While some kids tend to express creativity easily and on their own more than others, every child as the ability to be creative! Many assume that creativity is something kids are born with and either have or don’t. While every child is unique, creativity is actually more a skill than a talent and with the help of parents, kids can develop creativity.

Creativity is important for health and happiness and a core skill to practice with kids. And creativity is not limited to painting, singing, or dancing- it also has to do with science, math, social, and emotional intelligence. Creativity plays a role in problem solving and flexibility, which helps children learn coping skills.

Here are some tips to on how to foster creativity in your kids:

1. Provide the resources
Providing your kids with time to have imaginative playtime is the best resource you can give. Unstructured time without adult direction is a great way to allow them to let loose and be creative. Provide them with a play place inside or outside, that they can use without worrying about making messes. Give them the tools they need like art supplies, costumes, disposable cameras, safe building materials, etc. Think outside of the box!
2. Celebrate creativity and new ideas
Set examples with art in your home made by different people. Tell your kids all about your favorite paintings, musicians, songs, and scientists. Share your passion for hobbies with them whether it’s scrapbooking, drumming, photography or whatever interests you at the moment. Remember to embrace new technologies like fun apps or social media so your kids grow to find change exciting, and not overwhelming.
3. Encourage kids to read for fun
Limit TV and other screen time to make room for reading. Encouraging your children to read at an early age has many benefits and one is enchaining their creativity development. Have fun books around the house with colors, textures, and activities.
4. Have them participate in artistic activities
Encourage them to put on a play, a puppet show, or a fashion show for you. Kids love putting together performances and showing off their new skills. Encourage this behavior and invite their friends over to play together. You can get involved with some of the planning and help them find costume materials, print off scripts, and hang a curtain for their show, but let them be the director!

Getting creative with your kids will be fun for you too; maybe you’ll even feel like a kid again!